Red Fish Blue Fish

In the summer of 2013, after years of stalling, our business decided to repaint the exterior of our
We were firstly looking for a company that shared our ideals of sustainability and care for the
environment. Secondly, its professional reputation. And thirdly, its ability to perform in the demanding
nature of exterior painting – as anyone knows who has tried to paint their home – you are at the mercy
of Mother Nature.
In all three of our criteria, Eco-Island Painting came through brilliantly.
We were delighted with the job; the attention paid by the staff to “get it right”; and the ability of the
company to be flexible with not only the issues presented by weather but also those created by our
being a working restaurant.
The true test? We shall be asking them to return the next time we need expert painting work.

Simon Sobolewski
Red Fish Blue Fish