Bonnie Segger

I have recently had the exterior of my 1907 stucco-coated house painted by Eco Islands Painting. I chose to give
my business to this company because of their commitment to doing their best to protect the environment.
Eco Island Painting has my highest commendation. Brad and his crew are friendly, hard-working and considerate.
They worked
diligently on my painting project, which was a challenging 2 1/2 story house that was well overdue for a face-lift.
Brad described his protocol in detail in his quote to me, and followed through on every count. My surrounding
shrubs and plants were carefully protected and the containment during the preparation phase was meticulous.
They used quality products and skilled application. Particularly challenging was changing the dark brown trim to
white, but the transition is perfect!
Thank you Eco Island Painting! I will be in touch when I’m ready to do the inside of my home!

Bonnie Segger