Learn More about Our Environmentally Friendly Policies

At Eco Islands Painting, serving Greater Victoria, we abide by specific methods and standards to ensure that we protect the environments in which we work. We invite you to learn more about these policies on this page. If you still have questions, or would like to get started with our services, please contact us today.
Chip and Debris Containment
We go to great lengths to contain paint chips and dust during the preparation stage. Along with the sufficient tarping of grounds, individual canopies or overhead tarping will be utilized in cases of extensive prep or inclement weather. Work sites are cleaned meticulously at the end of every day. This containment becomes ever more important when considering that any house built prior to 1977 may have used lead paint which, as we all know, is highly toxic.
Waste Water Containment
All brushes or tools are cleaned within a container system. This leaves a paint sediment behind that can be recycled as a paint product. This method effectively removes the paint leaving behind waste water that is taken offsite at the end of the job. In this way, your soil and garden are not harmed from daily brush cleaning.
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